Dear Reader,

​​​​We are shifting our support to petitions being circulated by  All Voters Vote  and asking that all future donations be directed to them. You can print the petitions and/or donate by clicking on the link above. 

All Voters Vote has been a long-time coalition partner, and has secured a sizable amount of seed money to begin their petition drive. While they are also seeking to implement a top two open primary in Florida, their effort differs from ours in that they will be submitting separate petitions covering state and federal elections.

Finding backers with the funds necessary to take us to the next level was always our goal, so we are excited that All Voters Vote has obtained the money necessary to kick the movement to open our primaries into high gear. Please take a few minutes to print, sign, and mail the petitions today! Make a small donation if you can. Grassroots support will continue to be an important component of this effort.  

Thank you for your support!


Steve Hough,

Director, Florida Fair and Open Primaries, Inc.

Florida Fair And Open Primaries