Katie Fahey, the leader and founder of Voters Not Politicians, signing the open letter to DNC and RNC Chairs urging them to open the Presidential Primaries to independent voters at the 2019 Unrig Summit in Nashville! With a single Facebook post, Katie started the movement that ended gerrymandering in her home state of Michigan. 

Joe Gruters, Chair of the Republican Party of Florida comes out against a top two open primary repeating the same logical fallacy mouthed by Terrie Rizzo, Chair of the Florida Democratic Party. Assuming that Adam Putnam and Ron DeSantis would have been the top two vote getters in the 2018 primary for governor simply does not consider that 3.6 million non-affiliated voters just might have different preferences. So it begins…

All Voters Vote is getting very close to having the total number of verified signatures on their petition for a top two open primary. Check out Florida Politics' reporter A.G. Gancarski's "Primary reform proposal almost guaranteed 2020 ballot placement"

The 19th Annual Anti-Corruption Awards, sponsored by Independent Voting, honored three political disruptors and highlighted the work being done by the Eyes on 2020 cabinet. Read all about it here.

​Scott Maxwell at the "Orlando Sentinel" provides a few chuckles with his excellent take on the top two primary amendment.

Read current articles below about the movement to open Florida's primaries.

John Opdycke, President of Open Primaries, wrote this piece explaining that no change in law is required to allow independents to vote in presidential primaries.

New poll shows strong support for top two in Florida! 

(Poll cosponsored by Open Primaries and Florida Fair and Open Primaries)

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