Florida Fair And Open Primaries


What Is The Top Two Open Primary?  

All Voters vote in top-two primary elections for Congress, State Legislature, Governor, and Cabinet, regardless of party affiliation or lack thereof.

Consistent ballot access and equal participation by all candidates.

Eliminates government-funded party nominations for those offices. 

If candidates are nominated by a party, candidate appears on ballot as party's nominee; other candidates may indicate party preference.

Top two vote getters advance to general election.


New poll shows strong support!

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“A Quiet Revolution”  

The Early Success of California’s Top Two Nonpartisan Primary

By Jason D. Olson, Founder of IndependentVoice.org and Omar H. Ali, P.hD., Associate Professor at University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

​"If parties don’t like ‘All Voters Vote,’ it must be OK"

Bill Cotterell - July 25, 2015 - Tallahassee Democrat 

"Push For Open Primary Begins In Florida As NPA & Independent Voters Gain More Clout" 

Lynn Hatter - News Director of WFSU July 23nd, 2015

 "How Do Primaries Work"

Chad Peace, IVN

Arizona Video On Top Two Open Primary Debate