A group called LEE VOTER FREEDOM will introduce an amendment to the Lee County Charter to make OUR Lee County Commission nonpartisan officers, elected by ALL VOTERS. The amendment will allow ALL REGISTERED VOTERS to vote in the primaries regardless of their voter registration status.

Officials in all six cities in Lee County, along with the School Board, are already chosen in nonpartisan elections. No matter your politics, OUR Lee County issues which are fundamental to OUR health, economy and quality of life, should be decided by ALL VOTERS.  Nonpartisan elections end the practice of using “straw candidates” to close OUR elections to the majority of voters.

How will it work? WE THE PEOPLE will collect the signatures of 7% of Lee County registered voters in order for the following question to appear on the ballot in the 2018 general election:

“Shall the Charter of Lee County, Florida be amended to require that County Commissioners be nonpartisan officers chosen by vote of the electors in a nonpartisan election instead of one indicating a political party affiliation.”

When the amendment passes we will ensure that OUR County Commission is accountable to ALL VOTERS!r paragraph here.

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